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Friday, March 18, 2011

Advanced Installer - Changing the package Install Drive

The default drive for installing an application on a windows system is C.  In fact on launching the .msi or .exe installer file it does show you the complete path where the package will be installed. but if you preset the drive to say D on the .aip file, the msi installer chokes on boxes where there is no D drive.

The fix here is to create some custom action and execute the custom action as part of the install/uninstall sequence. See the custom action screen snapshot below.

Here we set the value for APPDIR property pointing to D drive if the condition D_DRIVE holds true. The INSTALL_DIR property is set in the Install parameters tab as shown below.

Last but not the least is defining the D_DRIVE condition.

Following the above steps should enable you to install on D drive or for that matter any drive  (if it exists) by default.

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